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Vision, project, research, design and innovation.


Born in Nepi (North of Rome) in 1956, he graduated in Science Degree in Architecture at Sapienza University of Rome, where, after a training period in 1984, he opened his own studio.

He began collaborating with other design studios and this close partnership allows him to follow public projects at a large scale. Very soon he devoted himself to own projects dedicated to architectural matters in his native land, the Low Viterbese area where he currently lives. His works consist of detached houses, residential buildings and office, for sports and worship, using modern figurative solutions together with traditional materials and a careful attention to the surroundings. Today he is proud to have realized several projects based on conservative recovery of industrial and housing estates.

The same attention paid to his own territory and to the material, takes him to explore ceramics sector, here present historically and represented nowadays by the industrial district of Civita Castellana, global pole in this sector. After a long and learning knowledge of the production process and the market issues, at the end of the 90’s, by the introduction of design in the sector , he has worked on some projects dedicated to the bathroom environment.

So he has started his career of industrial designer together with the architect career collaborating with the main companies of bathroom environment like Boffi, Galassia, Cea, Gal, Flaminia, Nic Design, Oli International, Axa, Whitestone, Kerasan, and for them he has realized some of their most famous collections.

He took care about the artistic direction of Galassia (2000/2005), Axa, Colacril, Whitestone, Kerasan (2008/2010) and Oli (2007/2011), dealing with graphics and communication, exhibition design, advertising and packaging.

At present he is also a Design professor at Ferrara University – Architecture Department.

He got different awards like:
2003 - Design Plus - Francoforte
2003 - Adi Design Index
2004 - Adi Design Index
2007 - Adi Design Codex Lazio
2008 - Adi Design Index